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Prof. Hanna - Early Childhood Curriculum - Spring 2020: Home

Your assignment

Students are to prepare a portfolio based on their work with children in field placements over the course of the semester.

Guidelines for Constructing Portfolios

The portfolio process is as much a quest for knowledge as it is a product. It should be meaningful to you. The portfolio must include, but is not limited, to the following:

  • Your pedagogy: a philosophical statement that embodies your knowledge about teaching and learning and your beliefs about curriculum.  Refer to course readings in your statement.
  • A review of how the children’s work with materials, ideas, and one another has emerged and evolved during the course of the semester.  Include your role in the process.  How did you support the development of this curriculum? Are your values reflected in this work?  This is the story of how your investigation came to realization.
  • Your independent research about this topic or material. What did you find out about your topic or material? What resources did you look up to explore the possibilities inherent in the materials or your topic? You are expected to cite 3-4 outside sources (ERIC, NAEYC) in addition to class readings.  Pre-made lesson plans or curriculum “how to” are not permitted.
  • Documentation: photographs with commentary, copies of children’s work, transcription of children’s dialogue, webs of children’s ideas, etc.  Include a newsletter with visual documentation that you have written to share with families and others.  The documentation should make the children’s ideas and learning visible. How does the children's work - the questions and ideas they are pursuing - connect with the questions and ideas at the heart of the various content areas (literacy, science, math, arts, social studies)?
  • Reflection: What have you learned in the process?

Guidelines for Portfolio Oral Presentations

The presentation is a summary of your investigation. When you present your work, it is expected that you will:

  • Read your pedagogical statement as it is written.
  • Describe how the curriculum topic emerged and what you did.
  • Have digital images supporting your inquiry (e.g. photographs, videos, PowerPoint)
  • Exclude text on PowerPoint images except for children’s dialogue.
  • Describe what the children are learning.
  • Describe what you have learned.


Visual documentation is powerful. Your images should be able tell a story on their own. However, you are expected to provide the backstory of each image.

Avoid using the written component of your portfolio as a visual aid.

In order to accommodate all students, your presentation must be no longer than10 minutes. Organize your time and practice before the day of your presentation.



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