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COMM 102 Interpersonal Communications - Prof. Kalfayan: Your Assignment

Your Assignment

In a well written, four-five-page paper, research and Interpersonal Skills that has dysfunctional behavior or phenomenon that needs to be studied in order for Interpersonal Communication to be successful.   Research what exactly is the problem.  Followed by the use of three of the ten Interpersonal Theories to explain why this problem happens as well as how the behavior can be altered, changed, or modified.

For example:  Phenomenon:  Interpersonal Attraction – Discuss through research what the problem is – using articles and correct in-text citation and MLA work cited page – Explain using three theories how this problem arises, methods to modify.


Assimilation Paper – is a term paper that assimilates information from the theories discussed in class and in your textbook, to explain a phenomenon common in identity formation or close relationships. Select a topic that you consider interesting or fascinating aspect of human relations. The paper needs to begin with a literature overview about the phenomenon (research.) Then link, how would the theory account for this phenomenon in people or their relationships? To what would the theory attribute this phenomenon? The sooner you have selected a topic, the sooner you can begin reviewing the literature on that phenomenon.  Simply put:  How the theory accounts for the phenomenon and this may lead to a solution.

  1. Co-cultural Theory
  2. Communication Accommodation Theory
  3. Self-Discrepancy Theory
  4. Communication Privacy Management Theory
  5. Dyadic Power Theory
  6. Family Communications Patterns Theory
  7. Implicit Personality Theories
  8. Social Penetration Theory
  9. Social Exchange Theory
  10. Uncertainty Reduction Theory

You will find a list of databases that are recommended to find research articles for this assignment under the Find Peer-Reviewed Articles tab.

What is a Scholarly / Peer Reviewed Article?

Fun video from the folks at the Kimbel Library of Coastal Carolina University explaining exactly what a scholarly (aka peer reviewed) article is (3 min 9 sec).

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