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Prof. Wineberg - English 101 - Fall 2019: Starter Sources: Documentaries

What's In a Documentary?

What's Inside This Source?

  • Profiles of individuals affected by the problem
  • Journalism & Investigation
  • Opinions & arguments
  • Descriptions of policies and laws
  • Eyewitness Accounts
  • Interviews with "experts": academics, doctors, politicians, etc.
  • Organizations around this topic: ICE, ProPublica
  • Citations of evidence from research
  • Timeline of the events around the problem


Questions for Research

Potential Research Topics:

An investigation of the crime and violence that is facing families fleeing from El Salvador.

What is supposed to happen? An investigation of the asylum policies and processes.

Is there truth to the Trump administration's claim that family separation is "Obama's policy".

Timeline of Trump's executive orders and separation policies.

What is happening to children separated at the border now?

Is there proof to the claim that illegal immigrants are responsible for crime in the U.S.?

Is there proof to the claim that illegal immigration from the southern border is a problem?