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Prof. Baez - SOC101 Introduction to Sociology: The Research Project

Your Project

Complete project instructions are available in your course shell in BlackBoard

For your final you will produce a research proposal, for which you will conduct some literature research and a cumulative overview of the semester’s efforts.

  • You will begin with your topic of interest, and return to chapters that analytically relate to your topic.
  • From  Chapter 2, you will evaluate and select an appropriate research methodology that suits the topic of your interest.
  • From Mills’s sociological imagination and Chapter 9’s review of social stratification and inequality you will elaborate on the sociological problem of interest.
  • You will explain the topic reflected through the 3 main sociological perspectives/theories (functionalism, symbolic interactionism and conflict approach) as well as additional theories and concepts from the semester to apply to the social problem. And you will address social structures and institutions that affect the social topic.
  • Revisiting your literature research skills, you will find primary sources that speak to the sociological topic of interest.

Assignment Guidelines

Identify the sociological topic that you are interested in researching

  • Be very specific by drawing on social position categories of inequality to make your proposal meaningful
  • Using the sociological imagination explain the social problem you observe for this topic, make sure to consider social position categories important to consider in looking

Pose a research question you have for this sociological topic

  • Identify and explain how the the 3 main sociological perspectives we have used this semester apply to this topic
  • Explain the role of at least 3 social institutions and social structures for this topic

Pose a hypothesis

Find two (2) peer-reviewed academic journal articles related to your research question

  • Summarize the research method used
  • Summarize the key findings of the study
  • Explain how the article relates to your research question

Propose one (1) research method you would use to further research your question.

  • Define the method in your own words
  • Explain why this method would be appropriate
  • How might you go about collecting your data – Who? What? When? Where?
  • Explain any potential problems with this method of research for the posed question

Conclude with an explanation of why it is important to research your question


Presentation Specifications:

  • 10 minutes presentation plus facilitate 5 minutes discussion
  • Create a slideshow*: include visuals, captioned data charts and tables, key terminology with cited definitions *presentation template posted in BB
  • Be mindful of attending to each set of guidelines above to earn full credit.
  • Students who prefer to create video presentations must present the video to the class and follow that with a live discussion. 

Use the library databases (see the Finding Articles tab) or one of the recommended online sources (see the Online Resources tab) to research your topic.

Directions on how to create an Annotated Bibliography and examples, can be found under the Annotated Bibliography tab.

You can find information about APA format under the Citing and Plagiarism tab on this guide.

To get help with research on your country from a librarian either in person, by phone, email, text, or chat. Look under the Get Help tab to see how to contact the librarian who taught your library session and get information on library hours.

If you need additional information on your assignment and specific due dates, check BB first, THEN ask your professor.

Your Project: The Very Very Short Version

This is a very abbreviated version of the project. You cannot complete the assignment using only the information below


You have been assigned a multi-part project.  It will consist of:

1: A Research Question on a sociological problem relating to inequality.

Explain the role of sociological perspectives, social institutes and social structures as they relate to your topic.

2: Annotated Bibliography

Prepare annotated bibs for scholarly research articles relating to your topic.

3: Research Proposal

Prepare a research proposal. The proposal will include a literature review, relate your research topic to appropriate sociological theories and include a suitable methodology for conducting research.

4: Research Proposal Presentation

Explain your topic and proposed research study to the class. Presentation should include a slideshow.

Presentation Visuals

Slideshow visuals should be informative:

Source: Barriers to Healthcare among Nonelderly Adults by Insurance Status, 2017. (2018). Retrieved from


NOT an informative visual (this is a decoration):

"Red and white medicine pills against a prescription back health stock photo" by Chemist 4 U is licensed under CC BY 2.0