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Your Assignment

Annotated Bibliography (1st Paper new edition)

The requirements are:

An Overview: This will be a paragraph or two in which you:

  • Explain your topic, question and claim or working thesis
  • Summarize what you have found out so far from your sources what you still want/need to find out – and where you might look.

Then, list each of your sources in MLA format and, below EVERY source, write 1-2 paragraphs in which you:

  • Summarize the basic claim of the source.
  • Respond to the source for example agree, disagree, raise questions, etc.
  • Plan. Explain how you will use this source in your research paper. Be specific.
  • Synthesize. Explain the way this work fits with–or challenges–other information you have about the topic.

Sources:  You need enough sources to address your research question from a variety of perspectives; 5 is the minimum. One source must oppose/complicate or disagree with your position and one source must be from course work (except course work used in the  prior paper). Annotated Bibliographies with fewer than 4 sources and/or missing overview and/or missing course work will result in a 0.

Controversial Issues: A Step-by-Step Guide for Research

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