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Prof. Jofre - English 101 - Fall 2019: IV: Email the Article Abstract

Email the Article Abstract

When you have found an article, click the email button (on the toolbar to the right) to email the abstract to yourself. Choose the Brief Citation and Abstract option in the Standard Field Format to email just the abstract. You can then forward this to Prof. Jazwinski. Alternately you can email this directly to Prof. Jazwinski, but be sure to add a note in the comment box so he knows who it is coming from.

You can also email the entire article to yourself by checking the PDF attachment option. Remember: If you try to access the article from off-campus, you will need to log in with your MyWCC user ID and password.

Do not copy and email yourself the URL in the browser window expecting to access the article later via that link. It will time out after your search session is closed. If you want to save articles for later, use the email button or save them to your computer or a flash drive if on campus.