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Prof. Bretan ANTHR 102 Introduction to Archaeology Fall 2019: Home


Works Cited: Pick one of the following archaeological sites. Research it using library and online resources. After your research you should turn in a works cited with at least 8 sources in APA format. An example can be found on the Course Content page of Blackboard as well as an APA style guide.

Gobekli Tepe (Turkey)
Cahokia (USA)
Tikal (Guatemala)
Tiwanaku (Bolivia)
Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

Annotated Works Cited: After having your works cited reviewed, you will go back and add annotations to it describing each source and its role in your upcoming research paper. An example can be found on the Course Content page of Blackboard.

Research Paper: Your research paper will be based on the research you conducted for your works cited.

Format: Your paper should be a fully developed, college-level essay. It should be double spaced and between three and five pages not including works cited; organized with an introduction, body, and conclusion; presented in an analytical, academic style; and fully cited (APA).


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