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Your Assignment

The research assignment is an argumentative paper in which you take a debatable position on a topic. Argumentation adheres to a formal structure: an argument takes a stand, makes points, gives evidence, establishes a logical chain of reasoning, refutes opposing arguments, and leads to a persuasive conclusion. In order to build a convincing case, you must be open-minded and willing to consider your subject from other people’s viewpoints. Once you have decided on a specific topic, some research into facts, figures, and expert opinions will be required in order for you to make a complete argument. At the end of your paper, the “Works Cited” page should include at least six sources that you quoted, paraphrased, or summarized. Also, the majority of these outside sources you consult should be from within the last ten years.

Your paper should be six pages long, excluding the “Works Cited” page.

Remember to use MLA documentation and format.


Controversial Issues: A Step-by-Step Guide for Research

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