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MATH117 - Quantitative Reasoning - Professor Landry: Your Assignment

Your Assignment

RESEARCH PAPER: 8-10pp MLA formatted research paper on Africa's Contributions to the Field of Mathematics (or other topic upon approval). At the end of the semester, you will give a 5-min presentation to the class on your findings.


Your research paper should include the following;

An Introduction: Provide readers with an overview of the ideas, findings and conclusions that you want to share from your research.  It’s a brief, but enticing selection of details that should pique the interest of the readers.  This is where you identify your thesis and methodology for establishing a well thought out and reasoned conclusion.

Body: This is the heart of your paper.  It should detail all of the key, and pertinent information that you were able to gather while doing your research.  This is where you expand on your introduction, by identifying specific details from your research.  You may also want to identify challenges and/or surprises that were encountered during this process.  You may also comment on potential areas of further investigation or limits to your current research.

Conclusion:  After reiterating your thesis statement, you are now expected to summarize the material covered in the body.  This should not be an exact repeat of information shared in the body or introduction, but a tactful way to make your findings clear to the reader.



Potential Subtopics:

  • The Rhind Papyrus
  • Pyramids of Giza
  • The Egyptian Calendar
  • The Number System
  • Unit Fractions
  • Structural Designs of Tombs & Temples
    • Tomb of Queen Neferatari
    • Valley of The Kings
    • Temple of Hatshepsut
    • Temple of Ramesses II
    • Luxor & Karnak Temples
  • Mathematicians
    • Euclid
    • Eratosthenes
    • Thales
    • Pythagoras
  • Ancillary Topics

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