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Prof. Martucci - English 101 - Food Fall 2018: Developing Keywords for your Search

Find your keywords

When searching the databases for articles, do not type in whole sentences. After finding your topic, use some of the questions under the Find a Topic page to formulate search questions. 

e.g. Topic: Benefits of Vegetarian Diet for children . Feel free to make your topic a little more specific: e.g. Vegetarian Diet should be promoted in schools


Vegetarian Diet and History

Vegetarian Diet and Debate

Vegetarian Diet and Benefits

Vegetarian Diet and Negative Effects

Vegetarian Diet  and Economy

Vegetarian Diet and Environment

Vegetarian Diet and Public Opinion


Think of words that mean the same thing or something similar to your topic and try searching those words too. 

Food: Vegan, No Meat, No Dairy, Pescatarian, Plant based diet, meatless, herbivore

if you want to search for other persuasive articles (outside of CQ Researcher and Opposing Viewpoints) add an additional term such as Editorial, Opinion, Debate, Commentary etc. 

Build a Search Strategy with your Keywords

Search Strategy Builder - An online tool from the University of Arizona that will help you organize your keywords into a search strategy