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Prof. E. Werner - ENG 102 - Writing Project: Introduction


Getty Images. Image of a Millennial Selfie [photo]. BBC Future,, 16 Nov. 2017, Accessed 17 Nov. 2019.


Greetings Students! Welcome to the Library! 

Your assignment asks you to select a question related to readings in your textbook and "stake a claim" about it. 

Today's class will cover: 

  • strategies for locating the 3+ outside sources you will consult, including journalistic and scholarly sources, statistical studies or research from ".orgs" as well as creative sources that relate to your themes. 
  • assessing the authority or relevance of your source 
  • citing in MLA format to avoid plagiarism
  • setting up an optional Noodle Tools account

‚ÄčLet's get started!  

Image Source (MLA format):

Jarrett, Christian. "Millennials are narcissistic? The Evidence Is not So
     Simple." BBC Future,, 16 Nov. 2017,
     Accessed 17 Nov. 2019.

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