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Prof. Sehulster ENG 101 Spring 2020: Home


Research Proposal (two):  Articulate your tentative research question, its significance, and your work plan. We will have a oneon-one conference to discuss your proposal.

Annotated Bibliography (two): Research something you’re interested in. Bring together five different perspectives on that topic from five other writers. Discuss how those perspectives relate to one another.

Research Article (two): Write a research article that makes a debatable claim, supports it with reasoning and evidence, and engages with the claims of other thinkers. Within your argument, engage with (summarize and synthesize) five sources that tackle the same specific topic or question, but which offer differing perspectives.  

Present your first research project to the class in the simple but provocative style of a TED Talk.

Research Fair (FINAL) 10 Present your second research project to the class visually using an artifact of your choosing (i.e. a poster session, PowerPoint, prezi), or in the creative mode of your choosing during an in-class research fair (to be held during assessment week


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