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Prof. Ostman - ENG 101 - Monsters Assignment, Fall 2018: Citing Literature In-Text



  • Cite Lines and Stanzas
  • Keep formatting (punctuation, etc.) intact, as original
  • Style of Quotation:

One phrase or line of poetry (INTEGRATE)

One-two lines of poetry (INTEGRATE)

3 or more lines (OFF SET)

  • After first introducing the work, refer to it subsequently by just enough information to cue the reader



  • Directly quote up to 4 lines of text in the flow of the paragraph (INTEGRATE)
  • After the 4th line, SET OFF the quote as an indent. Also set off Dialogue (as drama)
  • ***Think carefully about what you choose to directly quote


  • "Direct Quote" (act #, then scene #, followed by line #)  
  • Plays in verse form, follow rules of poetry
  • Quoting Dialogue -- Number of characters:

1 Character Quotation: integrate or follow 4 line rule

2 or more Character Quotation: Indent and format as original


EXAMPLE: Act 2, Scene 4, Lines 254 THROUGH 58 of King Lear:

GONERIL.                         Hear me, my lord.
     What need you five-and-twenty, ten, or five
     To follow in a house where twice so many
     Have command to tend you?
REGAN.                                   What need one?
LEAR. O, reason not the need! (2.4.254–58)