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STEM Summer 2020: Natural History of Plants: Students' Final Presentations Summer 2020

Final Presentation Day, Friday June 19, 2020

Students present STEM Summer Research Academy Work

Given the transition to remote learning, the STEM Summer Research Academy was conducted completely online. Students from Westchester Community College and Mercy College were joined together for 4-weeks to conduct research in the following disciplines: Biology, Cybersecurity, Computer Science, Mathematics and Psychology.

There were 22 WCC students and 4 WCC faculty who participated this year. This is the fourth year this program has been conducted through a partnership between the two colleges.

Our WCC faculty who took part in the Summer Research Academy were:

  • Dr. Margaret Eiden (Biology)
  • Judith Bukofser (Biolog
  • John Watkins (Cybersecurity)
  • Juan Rodriquez (Cybersecurity)