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Principles of Teaching Health Care - Prof. Seid Spring 2018: Home

Using the Library to Find a Research Study

As future practitioners and advocates for your patients, you will benefit from understanding how research studies are conducted and published in the Health Sciences fields.

Today we will review the following:

1.) The what, how, who and why of scholarly research.

Why do research?

Who are the researchers, who are the subjects?

How are studies designed, conducted, and shared in my field?

What are the applications and benefits of scientific research?

2.) Types of Research Studies

3.) Background Sources /Selecting a Topic

4.) Using the WCC Library Resources to Locate Journals/Research Studies

5.) Using Google Scholar/Web Sources / Web Evaluation

6.) Plagiarism / Citation

Current Major Research Studies - Consumer Information

Your Librarian

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Jessica Tagliaferro
Harold L. Drimmer Library
Room 132
Profile Photo: Plot by José Damasceno at Holborn Library, London