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Prof. Boylan - Eng 101 - Fall 2019: Home

Your assignment

"...expand upon a topic by examining and investigating print, electronic, filmed, primary and secondary sources to learn more about a question raised as an outgrowth of reactions to readings and discussions. The research question guides the journey. ..."

"...students use personal observations, interviews, and surveys to develop their theses."

One minute survey

Interrogate the texts

Rhetorical triangle


Who wrote it, for whom, and why?


How does this source compare with the other possible sources I have found? In what ways is it similar and different?

What’s unique about this source?  What does the article/source say - offer - that other sources do not?

Does it add a new voice? Additional details? New reasons? Alternative points of view? Explanations or interpretations?

What is the author's intention/purpose? What is his or her perspective on the given topic?


Source evaluation chart to record notes on the relative usefulness of each source in researching a given topic.

Select the minimum required sources plus 1-2.

Evaluate the relative usefulness of sources in context of your topic and its subtopics. For each subtopic, record brief comments about what each source adds to your understanding of the topic.

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