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Controveries in Early Childhood Education

Your Assignment

As a group, choose a current controversial issue in the field of Early Childhood Education.  You will need to research and explore in depth both sides of the issue.  Your group will split into two opposing sides for the debate.  Each side will present a solid argument in defense of their position.  Be prepared to respond to the opposing side and to field questions from the class.  A web site to explore some issues is


Some examples of issues to explore are:

  • Teacher tenure

  •  Charter schools/School vouchers

  •  Security/armed guards in schools

  •  Arming teachers

  •  Year-round schooling

  • Media use in school/by children

  •  School uniforms



Do not feel limited by this list.


A. Written Outline                                                                            10 points

Each student will write her/his individual outline, using the following format.

Include a works cited.


After selecting a topic and positions, the team should create an introduction and conclusion together for the affirmative and the negative positions.  Each team member must independently research the topic and work together to write your arguments.  You may add more than three details/evidence for each reason.  For each detail, be sure to provide supporting arguments using research from outside sources. 


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