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Prof. Schwartz - English 101 - Rites of Passage - Fall 2017: Citation Tools


Online MLA style resources:

Online APA resources:



The Library offers a premium version of the citation software program EasyBib Academic. For help with EasyBib, refer to our guide “EASYBIB for Citations“.
(You will need to log in with your MyWCC User ID and password when accessing from off campus.)

Changes to EasyBib

EasyBib has been bought by Chegg.  This means you need to take the following steps to create an EasyBib account

If you don't have an EasyBib account:

  • Enter the coupon code Westcheccollege at
  • Fill out the form when prompted
  • remember your user name and password
  • start citing

If you already have an EasyBib account:

  • Login to  your existing acount at
  • Enter the coupon code Westcheccollege
  • start citing