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Prof. Schwartz - English 101 - Rites of Passage - Fall 2017: Developing Keywords for your Search

Find your keywords

You'll need to develop keywords to to search for articles and books

The main keyword should be the name of the rite of passage

e.g. bar mitzvah

You can also search the name of the ethnic/religious group and the keyword rite or ritual

e.g.  Jews AND (rite or ritual)

If you get to many with the above method you try "Rite* of passage" (make sure it's in quotes) and then add the ethnic group or name of the religion

e.g. "Rite* of passage" AND (Jews or Judaism)





Using Keywords in a Database

Build a Search Strategy with your Keywords

Search Strategy Builder - An online tool from the University of Arizona that will help you organize your keywords into a search strategy