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Prof. Schwartz - English 101 - Rites of Passage - Fall 2017: Home

Your Assignment


Rite of Passage research paper


For this first research assignment, do some exploring into a Rite of Passage from a culture different from yours.  For example, if you wrote about your quince or your Bar Mitzvah, events which are unique to your culture, you must now find a new event from a culture you probably have never considered before.  Following the same 5 PP format as your first Rite of Passage essay, discuss the progression of steps in the rite of passage you have discovered - the significance of the event itself, the preparations that go into it, the actual “performance” of that rite of passage by the individual, and the new status of that individual in his or her culture.  With your added research the paper will certainly be much longer than just 5 paragraphs.  Use as your sources of information at least 3 “paper” sources and at least 3 online sources.  Refer to them in both the body of the paper and in a “Works Cited” page as per the MLA guidelines we will discuss.  The paper must be between 5 - 8 pages in length.


Use your imagination for this paper.  Look around and find a culture that really seems interesting to you, and continue from there.


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