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Prof. Peters - English 101 - Spring 2019: Home

Your Assignment

Students will write a seven to ten page documented (MLA) paper based on a controversial issue. Discuss both sides of the controversy, while convincing the readers (your professor and your classmates) that your point of view about the issue is the stronger one -- by virtue of your clear and reasoned argument -- because you have supported your view with reliable and responsible resources.

You may use several of the methods of writing we discussed in class; for example, comparison and contrast, persuasive, example, etc. or just one style, persuasive. This essay may also be an expository essay, as long as you clear the topic with me.

Specific Requirements for this Assignment

Choose a topic that interests you relating to some area of controversy. You may consider topics such as Racial Profiling, Issues of Security vs. Privacy (Patriot Act), Homelessness, Media, Gay and Lesbian Rights, Bi-lingual Education, Music Lyrics and Censorship, Creationism vs. Darwinism, Cloning, etc. Use the college database and specifically the GQ Controversial Issues for additional suggested topics.  If you have difficulty choosing a topic, please discuss it with me.  It will be much more enjoyable for you, if you find a topic that you find interesting. Submit your topic in writing.

Information requirements

You may use material such as web, library print, library database, books, periodicals, interviews, other audio/visual materials, government documents, statistical, etc. as they relate to your topic.  Check with me or with a librarian if you have any questions about the appropriateness of your research information. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! Use the Ask a librarian feature.Use guidelines for selecting Internet sources. Use authored articles only and peer reviewed journals when possible.

Controversial Issues: A Step-by-Step Guide for Research

Your Librarian

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