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Prof. Cianci - General Psychology - Spring 2019: Home

Your Research Assignments

Each student is required to submit three, 3-4 page papers. Your papers must use primary and secondary sources to support all claims and ideas.  Personal opinion is not sufficient. All papers must be typed. Papers must have a cover sheet that includes the student's name, the title of the assignment, and the date the paper is due. All papers must use APA writing style.

You may turn in any one paper or written assignment up to three days late, with no penalty and no questions asked. After that, you will lose 3% per day, up to two weeks after the due date. Papers are not accepted for credit more than two weeks late.

Example: A paper is due on Tuesday. Because you haven’t used your one extension, you may turn it in on Friday with no penalty. Turn it in by the start of class on Tuesday (one week late), and you’ll lose 10%. After the start of class on the second Tuesday, no credit may be earned. Once you’ve used your one extension, then you will simply lose 3% per day, up to two weeks after the due date.

The topic of each paper is described below:

Paper One: Discuss various brain myths that exist in popular culture. Where did these myths come from, and what is the truth? Please discuss at least two.  Due 2/19

Paper Two:  Choose one human sense and compare it to that of another animal. How do we compare? Are there abilities that other animals have that we do not (or vice versa)? (Excluded animals are cats and dogs – get creative!) Due 3/26

Paper Three:  Discuss the relationship between motivation and emotion. How do these concepts influence each other? What misconceptions do we have about how important or influential emotions are in our decision making? Due 4/23

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