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E-Books at Westchester Community College

How to Read your Ebook offline

Offline reading works best with Chrome or Safari browsers. Browsers must not be in private or incognito mode. Users will initially need an internet connection to log in and download ebook content onto your device.

Norton ebooks are not designed for dedicated e-readers such as Nooks or Kindles.

1: WHILE ONLINE: Click on the Menu Icon

2: Click on the Book Icon and Click OFFLINE READING at the bottom of the menu.

3: Check off the Chapters or Parts you would like to download for offline reading then click APPLY. If your device has limited memory, do not choose too many sections.

4: You will be given a URL to access the selected content offline. Click DONE after bookmarking.


5: Bookmark the URL or add to your home screen (screen on your device may differ).

6: Use the Bookmark or Icon to access offline content.

7: Sections available for offline reading will be in green or bold.

8: Content not available will appear in light grey.

for more information go to the Norton website