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Prof Collins - ENG 102 Drama and Graphic Novel: Essay 4 - Find Literary Criticism

Types of articles in literature databases

1)  Literary Databases can offer a variety of articles on various works, genres or authors.   Generally,  'peer reviewed' sources offer more in depth analysis.   Peer reviewed sources can also offer book reviews that isn't as detailed.  

2)  Its generally easier to find literary criticism on a work the older it if its written by an author who's famous for writing another work.  If you can't fnd any analysis about the work try researching the genre

3) some keywords to search along with the title and author

"Graphic novel"  

"coming of age"  

"comic book"




Databases for Literary Criticism

Literature Resource Center is an extensive database which includes:

  • Full-text scholarly articles from more than 360 academic journals and literary magazines
  • Reviews of books of all sorts, from children's literature to adult fiction, from popular non-fiction to scholarly studies

  • Biographical essays on more than 130,000 authors

  • Full text of thousands of poems and short stories published in contemporary journals and magazines

  • Overview essays on thousands of books and literary topics

  • Links to quality research oriented websites on authors and their works including pictures and audio interviews

Basic Tips for Finding Literary Criticism

Literature Resource Center opens on the BASIC search which allows you to limit your search by:

  • Person (by or about)
  • Name of the work (poem, play, novel, film, etc.)
  • Keyword (searches significant fields such as title, introductory text, and author)
  • All text (searches entire text of all documents)