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Prof. Romanello - English 101 - Heroes: Home

Your Assignment

You will be required to write a research assignment in the form of a critical essay.  This assignment requires an integration of secondary sources to support your discussion on a particular topic.  Sources must be cited and documented using MLA format.

Your assignment is to decide on a topic related to heroes.  Once you have decided on your topic, you must then develop a specific question on some aspect of your topic and write a critical essay.

Types of source materials students are expected to look for:  web, library print, library database, books, periodicals, scholarly journals, interviews, other audio/visual materials, government documents, etc.




In Memoriam

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Beth Seelick
This research guide was created by Professor Beth Seelick (1955-2019).
"A teacher affects eternity; she can never tell where her influence stops." ― Henry B. Adams