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Children's Literature - English 202 -Prof Collins: Limiting to Peer Reviewed

Recomended Databases

Tips on using Literature Resouce Center

Literature Resource Center contains full-text scholarly articles from more than 360 academic journals and literary magazines.  These include:

  • Reviews of books of all sorts, from children's literature to adult fiction, from popular non-fiction to scholarly studies

  • Biographical essays on more than 130,000 authors

  • Full text of thousands of poems and short stories published in contemporary journals and magazines

  • Overview essays on thousands of books and literary topics

  • Links to quality research oriented websites on authors and their works including pictures and audio interviews

The best type of articles to use for your assignment are 'literary criticism'  You can limit your results by selecting literature criticism under 'content type'

Tips on using MLA international bibliography

Like literature resource center MLA International Bibliography also retrieves a variety of different sources.   To retrieve results similar to literary criticism select the 'peer reviewed option'


Tips on using Jstor

Unlike Litterateur Resource Center and MLA International Bibliography Jstor is a multi discipline database.   This means you'll get more results for search term(s) though they may not be relevant.  To focus your search click the 'advanced search' option.  Once you click that type your search term and then select 'item title' from the drop down menu.  This will limit your results to works that have you keyword in the title.  You can also use the limit your results by source type so you only get articles