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Prof. Medina - Soc. 102 - Marriage and the Family: How to cite common sources in APA format

Guide on APA 6

American Psychological Association Style

APA 6th ed. Guide 

If you need information on citing a book, scroll to page 7 of the guide

Frequently used sources in APA format

magazine digital

Author Last Name, Initial of First Name. Initial of Middle Name, Author Last Name, Initial of First Name. (Year).   Title of Article. Title of Periodical, Vol Number (Issue number), page(s)


Hodges, G. (2015, January). First Americans. National Geographic. Retrieved from

(Hodges, 2015)


Newspaper digital 

Nuwer, R. (2014, February 24). Like Columbus, it floated here. The New York Times, p. D3. Retrieved from


(Nuwer, 2014, D3)


Online journal article w/DOI

Cox, C. R., Arndt, J., Pyszczynski, T., Greenberg, J., Abdollahi, A., & Solomon, S. (2008). Terror management and
adults' attachment to their parents: The safe haven remains.
Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology,
(4), 696-717. doi:10.1037/0022-3514.94.4.696