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Prof. Medina - Soc. 102 - Marriage and the Family: Policies

Major American Social Policies

 A list of major American social polices


Americans with disabilities act

Civil right act of 1991

Equal pay act of 1963

Farm bill of 1996

Food stamp  act of 1964

Gramm rudman act of 1985

National affordable housing act of 1990


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 2010


The Troubled Asset Relief Program 2008

Violent Crime control bill of 1994

Contract with America (which consisted of the following acts):

The Fiscal Responsibility Act:

The Taking Back of Our Streets Act

The Personal Responsibility Act

The Family Reinforcement Act

The American Dream Restoration Act

The National Security Restoration Act

The Senior Citizens Fairness Act

The Job Creation and Wage Enhancement Act

The Common Sense Legal Reform Act

The Citizen Legislature Act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka obamacare)

If you don't have a specific policy try these keywords

If you don't know a policy by name searching the following keywords

Try starting with

United States AND Social Policy

United States AND Domestic Policy

United States AND Public Policy

These search are very broad.  You'll need an additional keyword to use in your search.  Either something related to family or some type of government service such as:

welfare, social security, family leave, food stamp, health care, housing, public welfare, social services, earned income tax credit, domestic economic assistance, family aid,

You can also dry searching "social policy" and a particular president such as:

"Ronald Regan" AND "social policy"

As you searching look for 'subject heading' for specific keywords to use.  All of the above keywords I found from database subject headings



Searching the internet for information on policies

There is often a great deal of information on governent policies on the internet. To find credible information use the site search in google buy typing:

site:gov    and "name of policy"

By typing site:gov this will limit your results to government websites.    

Reference Databases

Books on American Policies