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HIS 128 - African History to 1600 - Professor Christolyn Williams: Home

Conducting Research on pre-1600 Africa

Greetings Students!

This guide was created to help orient you to the library and its resources, as well as to rules for citing sources for your MLA Citation assignment. 

You have selected a chapter subject on which to conduct further research. In the library session, we will discuss: 

  1. Where to look for sources (Primary & Secondary) on this topic and your particular TOPIC;
  2. Deciding on key words or terms to use in search engines on the web or in library databases; 
  3. How to determine whether information is from a reliable, professional source; 
  4. How to properly use sources in your annotations and essays so as not to risk plagiarizing; and 
  5. How to use Noodle Tools to set up your BIBLIOGRAPHY page. 

I am embedded in your Blackboard shell and you are welcome to contact me for further help at any time for this or other course assignments. 

Good Luck! 

Lost Kingdoms of Africa Documentary

CITATION: "Ethiopia." Lost Kingdoms of Africa. Performance by Gus Casely-Hayford, BBC/ RDF Media
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