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Your Assignment

Your first Research paper is based on ch. 16,  Is College the Best Option, in our text They Say I Say.


For your paper you will use as your research articles, ONE article

of your choice from that chapter and TWO research articles from the WCC library database. These may be from periodicals, journals magazines or reputable newspapers. In other words, three research articles total.


 Narrow down your research: It is important to narrow down your research thesis question and possible thesis statement.


For example: The Tom Hanks article is in answer to the question

"Should Community Colleges be Free as suggested by President Obama?" As you know, the Op-Ed article Hanks wrote is a statement in support of free community colleges.


You need to NARROW your research question.

Do you want to talk about Community Colleges? If so:

What aspect, tuition? textbooks? class size? Admission of undocumented immigrants? Teacher-Student Relations?

Free Child-Care?  Curriculum?

Those are possible ideas--but you are free to choose your own.

HOWEVER, it is very important that you be as specific as possible.


It is also important that you choose some aspect of higher education that you truly deeply care about and about which  you feel you want to express your opinion--now an opinion based on research. We do much better when we really have something we want to say.

So: please think about this and write down, and


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