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Prof. Margolis - English 101 - Legacy Paper - Spring 2016: Home

Legacy Project

Your assignment

A. Read (minimum) one major obituary (NY Times, LA Times, Variety, CBS News, etc)
B. Identify and research one of this person’s major legacies: use (minimum) five more primary and secondary sources, including an interview
and /or documentary footage (6 sources total minimum)
C. Form a working thesis (for example, agree or disagree with the assessment of the person’s legacy and why).
D. Create a research paper outline, proposal and annotated bibliography>>Submit
E. Revise as needed
F. Write, revise, and edit paper in MLA format.  Submit online and in class in hard copy.  1000-1250 words.  Triple spaced.  14-point type.  ALL MLA FORMAT.


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