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Legal Research and Writing- Historical Society of NY Courts -Garfinkel Contest 2016: Home

Use this guide to conduct research for the 2016 Garfinkel Essay Contest sponsored by the Historical Society of New York Courts.

Historical Society of New York Courts - David A. Garfinkel Essay

***Be sure to check  The Resource Guide under Steps to Writing the Essay for resources to help with your essay. While the resources here are more than enough to write a great essay, pulling in other resources from outside can really set your essay apart from the others because you can use them to make new arguments.

Suggested Questions


Below are a series of questions to help guide your essay. You may select from one or more of these questions or come up with your own topics.

  1. Trace the history from 1777 to the present on qualifications for jury service in New York. Who could serve then and who can serve now?

  2. Why is jury service important to our democracy? Does it promote civic participation?

  3. What is the role of a jury in a criminal case? Is it important or unnecessary? Defend your position by looking at New York court cases, constitution & legal history.

  4. Does the exlusion of a juror on the grounds of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation affect the defendent's right to an impartial trial? Defend your position by looking at New York court cases, constitution & legal history

In Memoriam

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Beth Seelick
This research guide was created by Professor Beth Seelick (1955-2019).
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