Source Evaluation & Annotated Bibliographies: DEFINITION



A list of the sources you used in your essay, including enough detail to trace back to the source. Bibliographies can sometimes include works consulted AND works cited. 

A summary - IN YOUR OWN WORDS - of the content and its relevance to your topic. 
Annotated Bibliography 

Annotation   +   Bibliography   =    Annotated Bibliography

1.) Summarizes the content of the work in the context of your argument or thesis; 2.) Evaluates the accuracy of the work; 3.) Evaluates quality of the work - i.e. source, credentials of the author

Works Cited Page
In MLA format, the Works Cited page is a list of sources you used in your essay that correspond to a citation. 
An abstract summarizes the content of a work, often an article in an academic journal. Unlike an annotation, an abstract does not evaluate the author's credentials, point of view, or appropriateness for your paper.