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Your Assignment

Students will be developing their research questions to guide their research projects during the semester at this point in the syllabus, so the purpose of this library session is to familiarize students with the books and media catalogue and get an overview of databases related to the following five topics as they relate to life in modern-day America: Education, Income, Race, Ecology/Health and Family. After this library session, students will come away with an understanding of how these two aspects of preliminary research are central to exploring a topic in a scholarly fashion and developing a research question that can function within the context of a 4,000 word paper.This guide will help you find information for English 101 assignment. 

For this assignment you will need to use:

A minimum of 5 sources.

3 of the sources must be scholarly and from a book or journal

You may use video and credible websites for the 2 other sources.

You must use MLA format when citing your sources.  


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