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COMM 109 - Speech Communication - Snider: Speech Writing Resources

A guide for students in Prof. Snider's COMM 109 class gather resources for their persuasive speech.

Speech Writing Tip

One double-spaced page takes about two minutes to read aloud (but you should not read word-for-word from your paper!).

A ten minute speech would equal about 5 pages of typed text.

A ppt presentation to accompany a ten minute speech should have a maximum of 10 slides.

Remember that your listeners will not have a works cited page to see where your information comes from. Be sure to give them that information in your speech - you do not need to recite article titles and page numbers, but let them know the information you are giving them is from an authoritative source.

For example:

A 2013 Pew Research poll showed that although 69% of of U.S. adults surveyed felt that the obesity problem in the U.S. was either' Extremely' or 'Very Serious,' only 42% felt that the government should play a significant role in reducing obesity.

According to a 2014 study by researchers at Boston University Medical Center only 40% of college football players could recall being given information on concussions by their athletic trainer although all had acknowledged receipt of such information earlier in the season.

Speech Writing Help

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