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COMM 109 - Speech Communication - Snider: Home

A guide for students in Prof. Snider's COMM 109 class gather resources for their persuasive speech.

What's Here?

The resources on this pages will help you:

  • Formulate a search on your topic
  • Find articles in the library databases
  • Find books in the library catalog
  • Find Polls and Statistics to support your argument
  • Search for resources on the web
  • Evaluate the sources you have found
  • Cite your sources properly
  • Log in from off-campus
  • Get additional help


Welcome! This research guide was created for students in Professor Snider's Speech Communication course (COMM 109).

You have been assigned a research project that requires locating authoritative sources in order to prepare a persuasive speech on a particular topic. You will also prepare a presentation to supplement your speech in class which requires at least one informative visual (e.g. graph, map or chart). In addition you will provide an MLA formatted works cited page of all the sources you have referenced in your speech.

This guide is a customized resource for this particular course and assignment.

You can get help with your research project from a librarian either by going to the library in person or emailing the librarian who taught your research session (see under Help tab). 


For additional information on your assignment and due dates ask your professor.

Your Librarian

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Yvonne Rode
Harold L. Drimmer Library
Room L207
Westchester Community College
75 Grasslands Road
Valhalla, NY 10595

*Currently working off-campus.