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Prof. Hohl - Soc. 103 - Social Problems: Home

Research Paper Assignment


1. Select a social problem that you are interested in researching and learning more about. You can choose your topic from issues discussed in class, from the textbook , or from a Social Problems in the News article.

2. The topic you select can address either a general (e.g., "poverty") or specific (e.g., "abortion") topic.

3. Find a total of three articles: two articles from the popular press (newspapers, magazines, web articles) and one article from a social science journal (i.e. The American Sociological Review, The Journal of Family Issues, etc). These articles cannot be ones that were assigned on the syllabus or Blackboard.

4. Write a brief review of each of the three articles.

5. Select one of the sociological perspectives: functionalism, conflict theory, symbolic interactionism. Interpret the social problem from this perspective. Your interpretation should reflect what you have learned from your four readings. Be specific in your interpretation about what you learned from each reading. Also, be specific about which sociological perspective you are using in your paper (e.g., "I will use the Structure- Functional perspective to explain....").

6. Suggest a social policy that attempts to address the social problem.

7. You do not need to attach copies of your three articles to your papers. Be certain, however, to provide full citations to them (See CITATION below).

8. The papers must be between 3 and 5 pages in length.