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MGT 101 - Business Organization and Management - Prof. Conte: Project Outline

Term Firm Presentation


Presentation Section #1 - Corporate Profile

Include the following:

a.  Corporate History

b.  Corporate Leadership - include CEO, CFO,COO, CIO, Board of Directors

     (a detailed profile of the CEO should be provided that describes his/her “vision” for the corporation).

c.  Major business areas or industries in which the corporation is competing

d.  Major products or services Find c & d in: Hoovers, Annual Report, Corp. Website.

e.  Organizational Activity e.g. reorganization, divestiture, downsizing/layoffs,

     reengineering, acquisitions, mergers, spin-offs etc.

Presentation Section #2 - Marketing/Competitive Strategies

Include the following:

a)  Current marketing and advertising strategies.  Provide a web demo see: You Tube, DVD, video or printed copy of current advertising and /or product/service descriptions. 

Product samples are useful.

b)  Your proposal for new marketing and advertising strategies –be creative.

c)  Both a & b must be discussed with specific reference to the following:

            Marketing Mix (4 P’s), 4 Utilities, market segmentation/target, demographics, product

            mix, product life cycle, etc. See ch. 13 & 14.

Presentation Section #3 - Financial Report

Include the following:

a)  Annual report highlights. Profitability/Loss indicators, annual trends, (avoid quarterly numbers)

See: beginning of Annual Report on Corp Website

b)  Stock and Debt ratings -any recent changes?  For Debt Ratings See: Standard and Poor’s or Mergent online (click long term debt tab and click on a recent long term debt issue). Explain the debt rating i.e. AA or Aa2 See: chapter 20 p.606.

c)  Stock charts, 1 year and 5 years. See Yahoo Finance, Big Charts, etc.  

     Annotate any significant gains or declines. 

d)  Recent articles in business periodicals on the fiscal condition of the firm. See: Library’s Databases, e.g. Business & Company Resource Center, Business Source Complete, Hoovers, Mergent, Yahoo Finance

f) Key Financial Ratios (optional), i.e. PE ratio, Debt/Equity ratio. See: Mergent & text ch.17, p.518-521.

Note: Try to use visuals such as charts and graphs provided by the company or an online information service. Do not just read numbers off a page.

Subject Guide

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