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HSERV 182 Alcohol, Substance Abuse and Family - Jazwinski: Format Your Term Project

How To Copy and Paste the Citation and Abstract into Word

Each of your term projects will include the complete MLA formatted citation of ONE article followed by the abstract. You will then type your summary of the article below the citation and abstract. Later in the semester you will write a short paper discussing the research of all three articles together and present it to the class.

The easiest way to get the citation and abstract is by copying the information from the database into your Word doc. Go into your email,  find the article record (you remembered to email yourself the article, yes?) and click on the link to go back to the article in the database - if you are off-campus you will need to log in with your MyWCC userID and password.

Open a Word Document (under Start menu > All Programs > ?College Applications (depending on your computer)

From the article record in the database, click on the CITE button and scroll to MLA.

Copy the citation  (highlight then hit ctrl + c):

Paste (ctrl + V) into your Word doc (Note the citation below is in MLA7, not MLA8, so your citation will look slightly different):

Did your citation look like this?

Highlight the citation and click NO SPACING in the toolbar to clear the green background. Make sure the Journal Title and Database Name are still italicized and follow the rest of the instructions to continue formatting in MLA style.


This is not formatted correctly, so highlight the entire citation and click on the arrow at the bottom of the Paragraph section of the WordToolbar. Choose Hanging under SPECIAL and Double under LINE SPACING and click OK. (Note: GoogleDocs does not have a hanging indent function as far as I can tell, but a workaround can be found at the following link: though I have not tried it.).

Ta daa! You now have a pretty MLA formatted citation.

Go back to the article citation and scroll down to the abstract. Highlight and copy like before.

and paste that into your Word doc under the citation for your article.



And repeat for your other articles. Type your article summary below. Then upload under the ASSIGNMENTS tab in your BB shell.