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Radiographic Imaging: Search Strategy

Select a topic for your research paper which should be type written, double spaced with a minimum of 10 pages and a maximum of 12 pages.

Search Strategy

Know your assignment, its parameters and your due date.  Your paper will be 10-12 pages and must include a list of works cited. You will use the topic you selected earlier in the semester.

BOOKS - There are generally fewer books on any given topic than articles, but you will find a good amount of material and will need to limit your search accordinglyRelevant keywords are indispensible for a workable search, whether in books, articles or even the web.  Think about your topic before you begin. If you phrase it in the form of a question, it might help you select the most useful keywords. 

ARTICLES - When searching, search for current information in articles you may need to be more specific.

Truncation/Wild Card - Use of the asterisk in a search is a function called truncation.  This allows you to expand your search.  All possible endings of the word will be brought up in addition to the word radiograph* you will retrieve materials with the words radiograph, radiography, radiographers,  etc.

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