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Business Data - Prof. Hyland: Financial Reports

Use this guide to conduct in-depth research on various business topics for Prof. Hyland's classes.

Financial Reports - Morningstar

Online Annual Reports

There are several websites that provide free access to annual reports. It is also often possible to find reports on a company's website, usually in the investor relations section.

  • SEC Edgar Search
    This database allows free, public access to companies' SEC filings.
    This free service allows users to search for NYSE and NASDAQ listed companies' annual reports. The reports are in PDF and html.
  • The Public Register
  • This site offers the annual reports, prospectuses and 10K filings for 3,600 companies, searchable by name, industry or state. Annual reports may be ordered, free, from this source but no reports are available online.
  • Historical Annual Reports - Columbia University Libraries
    This online collection covers companies that operated in and around New York City. Reports are from the 1850's to the 1960's.