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Getting Started with LibGuides: Embed WCC Catalog Search

Link to the Catalog Search in Your LibGuide

For this feature you will LINK TO a box already created on this page to the RIGHT.

Follow these steps to make a copy:

1.) Add a New Box

2.) Select the "Reuse Existing Box" Tab

3.) Under "Box to Reuse," select GETTING STARTED WITH LIB GUIDES

4.) Select  the FIND RESOURCES box under "Embed WCC Catalog Search Box"

         (NOTE: If you check the COPY checkbox, you will be able to make modifications; however the box will no longer be able to be replaced in global updates.)

5.) A copy of the catalog search box will appear

Find Resources

Find Articles in Databases  |  Search Multiple Databases   |   Find Reserve Textbooks

Search Reserve Textbooks

Enter your keyword search in the box below to search the Harold L. Drimmer Library's catalog for Reserve Books and Textbooks.