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General Psychology - Prof. Mastromonaco: Databases/Finding Articles

Searching the Psychology Journal Literature

Searching the Psychology Journal Literature

Time-Saving Research Tips

Instead of searching Google or looking through journals (scholarly version of magazines)vone at a time to find articles on your topic, it is much more efficient to search a databasewhich covers a collection of journals matching the field or discipline that you are researching.  

Most databases include citations (journal name, article title, author(s), volume number, issues number, page range, and year published) as well asabstracts (summary of the article which helps you decide if it's worth your time to read the entire article) for each articlein every journal covered by the database.  

Search the databases to the right to find scholarly and peer-reviewed journal articles in the field of psychology.  Many databases also include citations and abstracts for books, book chapters, conference papers, and dissertations.


Core Psychology Databases

Additional Databases