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PSYCH - General Psychology : Prof. Mastromonaco classical conditioning: Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Google Scholar, is a way to search the internet for scholarly information on a given topic.  Unlike a normal Google search Google Scholar searchs for scholarly information provided by academic publishers, professional socities, universites, repositiories and scholarly organizations.  You can have Google Scholar search the databaes of Westchester Community College.  To do that you'll need to link Google Scholar to WCC resources.    

Linking Google Scholar to WCC Resources


To link Google Scholar to WCC resources you need to click the 'Settings' link on the top left of the page

When you get to the 'Scholar Settings' click 'Library links' on the left hand side of the page

'Library Links' will let you search for WCC  Library resources.  Type "Westchester Community" in the search box and you should see the following three options below (select all of them and save).  

After linking Google Scholar to WCC Library resources we can look at Google Scholar search results to see what resources are available full-text.   


Finding fulltext via google scholar

Links to full text will appear on the right hand side of the page via the link "Full Text @ WCC"

Drawbacks to using google scholar

DRAWBACKS compared to searching databases individualy

  1. You can't limit to full text or peer review.
  2. If you click a link without wcc or you haven't linked correctly you'll be promted to buy an article DONT BUY AN ARTICLE!!!!!  check with a librarian first. 
  3. The citations provide by google scholar are not in the correct format