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Prof. Cianci - General PSYCH 101; Spring 2021: Home

What's in this Guide?

The resources on these pages will help you:

  • Find scholarly research articles in the library databases that support your topic
  • Evaluate the sources you have found
  • Cite your sources properly
  • Avoid plagiarism
  • Get additional help
  • Work from home

Your Assignment

Our genetic code is not set in stone at birth. Genes are turned on or off by experiences we have, foods we eat, and even foods our mothers ate while pregnant with us. This combination of nature and nurture influencing development has been of huge importance in psychology. Which influences us more, genetics or the environment? 

(It might help to think about this in context, such as IQ, personality, sensation, language, mental illness, etc)

Minimum 2-3 pages, 3 external citations. 



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