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Dr. Monahan : ENG102 Writing and Literature: Finding Articles

Literary Criticism : Databases

If you have any trouble using or accessing the databases, you should feel free contact me or another librarian. See the Get Help tab for information on different ways to contact us.

*Try another browser (i.e. not Chrome) if you get an error message

Find additional works (online) by your author

Searching the Literature Databases

The literature databases are set up to provide literary criticisms and biographical information for an author. Click on Advanced Search to search by author or name of work.

Literature Resource Center provides tabbed headings for the type of source and number of articles in the results list. Do NOT use Topic and Work Overviews as they are summaries of stories. Use the Search Within box on the right to narrow your search to a specific work or theme within a work (e.g. death, love, racism, motherhood). 

Articles will often discuss multiple works by a single author or cover works by multiple authors focused on a thematic element, especially for poetry. 

Since these are critical articles, there is an involved review process for publishing. Newer material (e.g. Cisneros' Puro Amor) may not have any critical works about it, only book reviews. If you cannot find articles on your particular work, pick out the thematic elements and search for critical articles on the same theme in the author's other works to compare it to.


General Database Search Help

WCC Library subscribes to a wide range of databases. You must be a current student, staff, or faculty member to use these databases. (See the Work Off-Campus tab above.)  You may link to a complete listing of the library's databases or click on the links below to search databases that are recommended for your Term Project. 

Remember to apply the Search Strategies outlined under the Search Strategy tab. Do not type in whole sentences.

Enter your keywords in the search boxes. For non-literature databases, enter the name of your author or the title of your work in quotes (e.g. "House on Mango Street') and another term such at Criticism or Critical Work to eliminate book reviews and summaries. Be sure to check the Full-Text box under limiters to access the full articles.