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Dr. Monahan : ENG102 Writing and Literature: Your Assignment

Your Assignment

You will complete a five page research paper that focuses on literary analysis. The paper will give you a chance to apply many of the techniques we discuss in class.


Selecting a Topic

Your analysis will focus on the work of one of the author’s we study in class. In addition to covering the selection(s) we read in class, you are expected to read additional work by the author. The instructor will help you to make those decisions. Choose from one of the author’s listed below:


  • Sandra Cisneros         
  • Ernest Hemingway
  • Langston Hughes       
  • Nikki Giovanni          
  • Robert Frost   
  • Emily Dickinson        
  • Arthur Miller
  • Edgar Allan Poe



Your goal is to develop a paper that focuses on several themes that are found in the work of your chosen author.

Purpose of the Assignment

In English 102 students are expected to develop a claim through the application of literature resources and engage in academic conversations about one or more specific piece of literature in a way that demonstrates a thoughtful engagement with literature.


Keep in mind that this is an academic paper. You are writing for a sophisticated audience that understands and appreciates literature.


Since this is a research paper, you will be required to use critical sources in addition to the work of the author you selected. You must have a minimum of three critical references (and you will probably use them multiple times.)


You must use the MLA format as required by the WCC English Department. Specific guidelines for doing so are found on the WCC Library website

Integration of Quotations

In this literary research paper, you will want to support your ideas with direct quotes. Some of those quotes will come from the actual works you have read by the author. Others will come from some of the critical works you are citing.

The Essay: Organization of parts/Development of Claim

This five page research paper should focus on the themes developed by the author you selected. You may choose to introduce a limited amount of biographical information about the author you select, but you should focus on the themes found most often in the author’s work.


How the Assignments Will be Graded

Grading will be done according to the Standard Humanities Rubric. Students should also review the policy on plagiarism that has been developed by the College and the English Department.

You will find a list of databases that are recommended to find research articles for this assignment under the Finding Articles tab.

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