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Prof. Centrone; Eng. 101 SUMMER 2020: What is an Annotated Bibliography?

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

Elements of an Annotation

Sample elements of a critical annotated bibliography

Check with your instructor to determine what he/she wants to be included in annotations. In general, an annotation should inform the reader of the quality and relevance of the source. Annotations are detailed but succinct, typically about 150 words, and include:

  • a brief summary (2-4 sentences) of the article, including the author’s name and what you think is the author’s primary point or thought;
  • a description of the intended audience;
  • how the article illuminates your bibliography topic;
  • an evaluation of the source’s usefulness, reliability, strengths and weaknesses and its value for your research;
  • how this specific article relates to another article in your bibliography

For more information, see:

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