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Prof. Vecchio - 19th Century U.S. History: Database Searching

Search Tips

Use keywords and synonyms:

  • Start by taking keywords directly from your THESIS STATEMENT.

Battle of Chickamauga - Braxton Bragg - Army of Tennessee - 1863

  • Use synonyms and related concepts by thinking of other words that mean the same thing as the keywords in your question

Abolitionists - American Anti-Slavery Society - Underground Railroad

  • Look at the subject terms in your search results and see if you can use any of those.

  Use truncation:

You can broaden your search results by typing an asterisk symbol  *  at end of the root of a word. When you do this, the computer will search for alternative endings for the word you have typed.

For example ‚Äč187* (or *70s) yields results for: 

     all years of the 1870s,

Activis* yields:

Activist, Activism, Activists, etc.

Recommended Databases