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Prof. Vecchio - 19th Century U.S. History - FALL 2020: Home / Your Assignment

What's in this Guide?

Welcome! This research guide was created for students in Prof. Vecchio's 19th Century U.S. History class.

You have been assigned a research project that requires locating sources about a topic of your choice.

This guide is a customized resource for this particular course and assignment.

The resources on these pages will help you:

  • Find background information on your topic
  • Develop a search strategy
  • Find scholarly research articles using the library databases
  • Find primary source material
  • Evaluate sources
  • Cite your sources using MLA format
  • Avoid plagiarism
  • Get additional help
  • Work from home

Your Assignment

Your project requires you to write a 5-7 page paper about a document that you have selected from your textbook. 

  • What is the subject and source (author) of the document?
  • What are the problems being identified by the source?
  • Consider raising a debatable question on the subject.
  • Consider selecting a subtopic to write about.

You will need to write a well-developed thesis statement about your topic that should be no less than two paragraphs.

You must use at least 15 sources from a variety of source types: books, journals, magazines, newspapers, online resources, film, or oral sources.

Your Librarian

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